Packard Bell oneTwo AiO M3870 disassembly

This is a quick visual guide on how to open this all in on computer. I spent some time fiddling aroud to find the scres and clips. I hope this will help those who want to give a new life to this computer by adding (changin) RAP or replacing the slow 5400 RPM Hard Drive by a faster SSD on SSHD

So here is what the model looks like


Back (sorry for the fuzzy image)

There are 9 screws to remove to open it, 2 are visible, the next 3 under the cache situated under the stand

One the cache removed you can access the 3 next screws and remove the stand

You now need to remove the cache on the DVD drive by simply but gently pulling it, you can then access the next 2 screws

Al last, remove the rubber parts at the bottom of the screen, and you can access the last 2 screws to open it

Here is a visual so as you can see where the clips are, this was not simple to find but you must unclip it with, ie a screw driver or so

media-20141222 media-20141223

Inside of it you can access the hard drive directly by removing 1 screw, or the memory by removing several more screws (not all shown by arrow) and take off the main plate

This is not very precise but I hope it can help; as I didn’t find any instruction or manual on the web I wanted to share at least some info.

Installation (compilation) of FreeCAD 014 on OpenSUSE 13.2

This is an update… sort of, of the article from February which was about installing version 013 on OpenSUSE 13.1 (that was in French, decided to post this one in English)

As said in last post, FreeCAD is a very good Open Source 3D CAD program, I use it sometimes to make 3D objects I print, and sometimes post on Thingiverse, and as far as I could see, the package ready for OpenSUSE has some issues, so I decided to compile myself, based on information I found here and there (i.e. /wiki/index.php?title=CompileOnUnix) and by trying out, looking at results and error messages. It may not be complete or perfect, but that worked for me on a fresh OpenSUSE 13.2 install


So let’s go, to the command line, this is what I did :

Let’s add sources for dependencies (that is quick) :

‘Trust’ sources when asked for


sudo zypper addrepo Games
sudo zypper addrepo KDE:Extra

Refresh repositories  (that takes a bit longer)

sudo zypper refresh

And launch installation of dependencies (that is longer)

Accept installation of packages when asked to

sudo zypper install eigen3 swig gcc cmake OpenCASCADE-devel libXerces-c-devel python-devel libqt4-devel python-qt4 Coin-devel SoQt-devel boost-devel  libode-devel libQtWebKit-devel libeigen3-devel gcc-fortran python-matplotlib libspnav-devel shiboken-devel python-pyside-devel doxygen

Hopefully it also works fine for you, and now let’s fetch the source code file (archive ) here:¬†

Extract its content and enter its directory:

tar -zxvf freeCAD..... (name of file)
cd freeCAD..... (name of directory where it has been extracted to)

And launch compilation (This took some time even on a good NB, but you can follow the progress in %)

cmake .

And now you can launch FreeCAD (if all went fine)



I must say though that there may be missing things, i.e. I got a message saying :

matplotlib not found, so Plot module can not be loaded
plot module is disabled, tools cannot graph output curves

But it is not mandatory for most things.

And check out the Website