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Installation (compilation) of FreeCAD 015 on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

Yet another update, this time it is FreeCAD 015 installation on OpenSuse Leap 42.1. Last post was 015 on 13.2.¬† – There are not many changes really, merely the repositories. Unfortunately, FreeCAD is not in the official OpenSUSE repositories and the packages I found didn’t work for me :-/

As said in past posts, FreeCAD is a very good Open Source 3D CAD program, I use it sometimes to make 3D objects I print, and sometimes post on Thingiverse, and as far as I could see, the package ready for OpenSUSE has some issues, so I decided to compile myself, based on information I found here and there (i.e. /wiki/index.php?title=CompileOnUnix) and by trying out, looking at results and error messages. As said before it may not be complete or perfect, but that worked for me on a fresh OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 install


So let’s go again, to the command line, this is what I did :

Let’s add sources for dependencies (that is quick) :

‘Trust’ sources when asked for

sudo zypper addrepo PythonDev
sudo zypper addrepo Games
sudo zypper addrepo KDE:Extra

Refresh repositories  (that takes a bit longer)

sudo zypper refresh

And launch installation of dependencies (that is longer)

Accept installation of packages when asked to

sudo zypper install gcc cmake OpenCASCADE-devel libXerces-c-devel python-devel libqt4-devel python-qt4 Coin-devel SoQt-devel boost-devel libode-devel libQtWebKit-devel libeigen3-devel gcc-fortran freetype 2 freetype2-devel libshiboken-devel python-pyside-devel libspnav-devel swig python-pyside-tools doxygen python-matplotlib

Here I got an ‘error’ message about a package that will be deprectated, but it seems to have no impact

Hopefully it also works fine for you, and now let’s fetch the source code file (archive ) here:

Extract its content and enter its directory:

tar -zxvf freeCAD..... (name of file)
cd freeCAD..... (name of directory where it has been extracted to)

And launch compilation (This took some time even on a good NB, but you can follow the progress in %)

cmake .

And now you can launch FreeCAD (if all went fine)




And check out the Website