Packard Bell oneTwo AiO M3870 disassembly

This is a quick visual guide on how to open this all in on computer. I spent some time fiddling aroud to find the scres and clips. I hope this will help those who want to give a new life to this computer by adding (changin) RAP or replacing the slow 5400 RPM Hard Drive by a faster SSD on SSHD

So here is what the model looks like


Back (sorry for the fuzzy image)

There are 9 screws to remove to open it, 2 are visible, the next 3 under the cache situated under the stand

One the cache removed you can access the 3 next screws and remove the stand

You now need to remove the cache on the DVD drive by simply but gently pulling it, you can then access the next 2 screws

Al last, remove the rubber parts at the bottom of the screen, and you can access the last 2 screws to open it

Here is a visual so as you can see where the clips are, this was not simple to find but you must unclip it with, ie a screw driver or so

media-20141222 media-20141223

Inside of it you can access the hard drive directly by removing 1 screw, or the memory by removing several more screws (not all shown by arrow) and take off the main plate

This is not very precise but I hope it can help; as I didn’t find any instruction or manual on the web I wanted to share at least some info.