Installation (compilation) of FreeCAD 016 on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

Update on the series, now FreeCAD 016 is out, time to compile it on OpenSuse Leap 42.1. Few change, I had to add a repository to have a minimum version 1.55 for boost-devel. The dependencies needed are here.

So let’s go again, to the command line, this is what I did :

Let’s add sources for dependencies :

‘Trust’ sources when asked for

sudo zypper addrepo PythonDev
sudo zypper addrepo Games
sudo zypper addrepo KDE:Extra
sudo zypper addrepo C++_Libraries

Refresh repositories

sudo zypper refresh

And launch installation of dependencies

Accept installation of packages when asked to

sudo zypper install  gcc cmake OpenCASCADE-devel libXerces-c-devel python-devel libqt4-devel libshiboken-devel python-pyside-devel python-pyside-tools Coin-devel SoQt-devel boost-devel libode-develĀ  libQtWebKit-devel libeigen3-devel gcc-fortran freetype2 freetype2-devel

Hopefully it also works fine for you, and now let’s fetch the source code file (archive ) here:

Extract its content and enter its directory:

tar -zxvf freeCAD..... (name of file)
cd freeCAD..... (name of directory where it has been extracted to)

And launch compilation (This took some time even on a good NB with SSD, 20GB RAM and a Quad Core CPU, it only uses 1 core, no more than 4GB RAM and little HDD writes. You can follow the progress in %

cmake .

And now you can launch FreeCAD (if all went fine)




Have Fun and check out the Website